Beautiful day for a charity swim!

Christmas morning in North Cyprus, 20 degrees and sunny with clear blue skies.  A lovely day for a swim… although the water was not quiet as warm.  Seventeen brave souls took part in the sponsored swim at Kervanseray beach in Karaoglanglu, all running together into the water, many of them wearing festive Santa hats.  The North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) expects to raise around 1000TL from the event, their fourth annual Christmas day sponsored swim. One person alone managed to raise a massive 300TL through sponsorship this year.  The charity said they were very grateful to everyone for their brilliant fundraising efforts and thanked everyone who took part.

Jennie and Harry from Manchester joined in the swim with their parents. They’d come over from England to spend Christmas with their parents in Lapta. Jennie said this was her first time doing the swim. “Actually it was lovely, and yes, I would do it again!”, she said, “It feels like summer, coming from Manchester. This morning we were sunbathing.”

One swimmer shivered as he came out the water, “hmm, it’s pretty cold as you go in, but then…. it stays cold!”  It was all smiles back on the beach as the emerging swimmers were welcomed with towels and a warming glass of brandy.

Participants will meet up in a couple of weeks’ time at the NCCCT’s coffee morning on 8th January to tally up the sponsorship monies. Well done, and a very Merry Christmas to everyone who took part and also to all the friends and family who supported the event.

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