Beef up TRNC citizen numbers: Tore

Member of the National Unity Party (UBP) Zorlu Tore, has said that special attention was needed on the TRNC and the territory issue.

Addressing the Assembly, Tore said that there were issues of citizenship, human rights and the amnesty for immigrants.

He said that he had brought these issues to the agenda since the Greek Cypriot side uses the issue of the TRNC population all the time.

Commenting on the citizenship procedures for Turkish nationals who are coming to the TRNC to settle, Tore said that thousands of people were deprived of their rights to become citizens of the TRNC. “The TRNC is a nation state, it’s a republic, however, some of the rights that are secured by the laws were temporarily suspended and as a result of this, some people were not able to be benefit from their basic rights”.

“There are some people who present as an excuse the demographic change and try to prevent Turkish nationals from getting TRNC citizenships. This is unacceptable. We should work on increasing our population. By doing this, our state will be stronger and production would increase,” Tore said.

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