Better Living Standards Will Diminish Cyprob

When standards of living are raised in the TRNC, the Cyprus problem will be substantially solved, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Coordination of the Cyprus Affairs, Recep Akdağ, has stressed.

Stating that the focus was on on speeding up the development of the TRNC and that in this, he saw the solution of the Cyprus problem, Akdağ asked “what other solutions could we be seeking?

Speaking on BRT, he was asked about the solution to the Cyprus problem, he said:

I am so optimistic because the issue has always been discussed over an agreement with Greek Cypriots. It is obvious that the Greek Cypriots will not come near an agreement, at least in the near future.

Stating that the Cyprus problem was substantially solved for him, Akdağ said “we will increase the per capita income from 13 thousand US Dollars to 25 thousand US Dollars. This is the whole point, when the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be more liveable, then the Cyprus problem will be substantially solved.”

Pointing out that health was one of the greatest demands of both the Turkish Cypriot people and the Greek Cypriot people, he said by building a magnificent hospital they will raise the standards of the healthcare system in the TRNC in two years time.

We have an economic cooperation and development programme. Health is one of the main subjects of this programme because this is a demand of the Cypriot people”, Akdağ said.

He also said that they will build a new hospital in Lefkoşa which will be similar to city hospitals in Turkey and stressed that even the Greek Cypriots will come to this hospital.

Stating that the Greek Cypriot side had a hormonal grown with the EU support, he said while the TRNC citizens drink wonderful water the Greek Cypriots cannot.

Reminding that electricity will be brought to the island through cables, Akdağ said “the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are working on this project. If the Greek Cypriots want we can also provide water for them, however they don’t.

Stating that accepting the Greek Cypriots into the EU early and unjustly, had been a massive affront, he said “we are now focused on speeding up the development of the TRNC. The TRNC is becoming a wonderful country to reside in each passing day. I see the solution of the problem in this. What other solutions could we be seeking?


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