Better Public Transport Could Reduce Traffic Accidents

[President of Road Traffic Safety Assoc. – Dr. Mehmet Avcı]
Tuesday, 5 December 2023 

A good public transport system would help decrease the number of road traffic accidents in the country, President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents (TKÖD) Dr. Mehmet Avcı said, Kibris Postasi reports.

In an interview with Kibris Postasi, Avcı said “The rapid, cheap and safe nature of public transportation is one of the main factors in reducing traffic accidents“.

He emphasised that the problems experienced due to inadequate roads are increasing daily saying, “The lack of adequate public transportation in this country increases the need for cars“.

Avcı said that owning a vehicle is not a luxury but a necessity at this time, and added: “The systems established by governments support car sales, not public transportation“.

He also said that there is not enough influence by the state to control drivers and accidents are inevitable when people drive irresponsibly.

Unsafe Vehicles

Pointing out that vehicles can enter traffic no matter how old they are, Avcı said, “Unfortunately, every car with four wheels can find customers in the market. While it is not difficult to buy a car, it has become very easy to have an accident“.

41 Road Deaths This Year

Avcı said that 41 people died in traffic accidents in the country this year, while last year, the total number of traffic related deaths was 24.

He noted that drunk driving and alcohol consumption have increased. Avcı said that the authorities have taken no preventative measures on this issue.

Kibris Postasi

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