Bi-communal workers unite to influence Cyprus talks

The Federation of Revolutionist Workers Unions (DEV-İŞ) and Pan Cyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) have joined forces to support a solution to the Cyprus problem, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

The two federations have prepared a joint Project aiming to encourage the democratic participation of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot civil society organisations in the Cyprus negotiations process as one voice.

Below is the initial statement by Pavlos Kalosinatos (co-ordinator of the project):

“The Cyprus problem is a long pending problem which constitutes the greatest barrier obstructing the economic and social development of the Cypriot people as a whole.

In the past decades, countless negotiation processes have not resulted in a breakthrough that could lead to a just, fair and viable solution of the Cyprus problem. With the intension to support the negotiation process commencing in Autumn 2013, this project is making an effort to address a weakness of previous negotiations rounds: the lack of mobilisation of social actors.

Social actors are of strategic importance for the solution of the Cyprus problem, not only because their support to the process may generate wide acceptance and active participation for the implementation of a negotiated solution. Social actors may deliver, with their expertise, useful feedback that could assist the elaboration of essential provisions of the solution that are indispensable for the economic and social cohesion of the common future state and thus indispensable for the viability of the negotiated solution.

The main objective of this bi-communal project is to encourage the democratic participation of social actors in the process by providing space to them to intervene collectively (Turkish and Greek Cypriots together with one voice), timely (parallel to the negotiation process) and in an organised and co-ordinated manner (within the framework of a structured process) in the course of the forthcoming negotiations.

The project is being implemented by the Cyprus Labour Institute in co-operation with PEO and DEV-İŞ and includes following activities:


  1. Production of a Framework Document. The document is going to be a study on how economic and social cohesion is safeguarded and promoted in federal state structures. It will discuss international practices and develop a draft model of development for Cyprus, based on the economic performance and characteristics of the two communities.


  1. Formation of the social actors’ network. The network will consist or various social organisations from the wide spectrum of the country’s economic and social life. To this end, the project is going to co-operate with the bi-communal All Cyprus Trade Union Forum.”
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