Biggest recorded drugs bust by South Cyprus police

Greek Cypriot police have arrested two men after seizing millions of euros worth of drugs. Over 100 kilos of cocaine was discovered, in what is being described as the biggest haul of drugs on record.

Estimated to be worth over 5 million Euro, the drugs were found after police, who acted on a tip off, searched a car in Limassol.

It is thought that the drugs were transported to the island by sea.

Two men, believed to be from Larnaca, were arrested and appeared in court on Saturday morning.
Both men are suspected of being part of a drug-trafficking ring already known to the authorities.

 “It’s a very important case because the 100 kg of high-value cocaine, would probably be channelled to the Cypriot market,” said Police Chief Zacharias ChrysostomouHe added that going on the content of past hauls, cocaine is the second drug of choice after cannabis, by users.
A third man was reportedly arrested in connection with the case on Saturday morning.
Famagusta Gazette

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