Bogaz Picnic Area Left Strewn With Rubbish

North Cyprus News - Collecting trash - BogazKyrenia Municipality cleaning crews carried out a clean-up operation at the Bogaz picnic area. They filled around 130 large plastic refuse bags with discarded rubbish. Enough to fill a small truck.

Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that the cleaning operation was carried out in the Bogaz picnic area and on the Kyrenia-Nicosia main highway and that it is not right that citizens fail to clean up their own garbage.

Güngördü noted that those who wanted to have a picnic should put their plastic bags filled with rubbish into the waste bins provided when they have finished.

The mayor also pointed out that environmental awareness could be increased through education and public awareness projects. He said that this had already begun by locally distributing leaflets on the subject.

Yeni Duzen

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