Border village loses its free electricity supply from South

The Turkish Cypriot residents of Beyarmudu/Pergamos village are complaining that on 25th September, 2014, their power supplier was no longer the Cyprus Electricity Authority (AIK) and that their electricity is now being supplied by the Turkish Cypriot electricity authority (KIB-TEK), ‘Kibrisli’ reports.

The inhabitants, who have been supplied with electricity free of charge from AIK for the last 40 years, are complaining about the TRNC government and KIB-TEK, because of the low voltage of the electricity they are supplied with and the continuous breakdowns of the supply.

The Mayor of Beyarmudu/Pergamos, Ilker Edip and the residents told ‘Kibrisli’ that they were not informed that such a change would happen and complained of being ignored by the government. They said that many domestic devices and electrical tools used by craftsmen were burned out because of the low voltage.

The villagers commented that they have been supplied with electricity from South Cyprus for 40 years and their electricity supply has never been randomly interrupted. They added that in the cases that electricity supply would be interrupted, they were informed 72 hours earlier about the length of the interruption.

“We do not want electricity from KIB-TEK. We want electricity from the South. At least the administration there is serious “, they said.

Recently the South Cyprus Electricity Authority (AIK) said that supplying electricity free of charge to Turkish Cypriot residents of two border villages, Beyarmudu and Pile had cost the authority 1.4 million euros annually.

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