Both sides have to be fair and logical to achieve peace: Akinci

President Akinci has said that unless both sides behave fairly and logically “peace cannot come to these lands”. Addressing a traditional night organised by the [Turkish Cypriot] Limassol Cultural Association, Akinci said:

We have to be fair. While exerting efforts for our own rights for a lasting agreement, we must not forget that the other community has also rights on this island. Both sides must behave within fair and logical measures. Otherwise, peace cannot come to these lands; otherwise, there could be no solution and peace.”

Moreover, Akinci gave the assurance that he will continue the forthcoming negotiating process cool-headedly, wisely and in close dialogue with Turkey and said:

You have loaded a very big responsibility on my shoulders. I am trying to do what is necessary to fulfil this responsibility. This is why I am asking for a little patience. It seems that we have swum a lot and came to the end of this issue”.

Reiterating the charge that the Turkish Cypriots have been excluded from the Republic of Cyprus for 53 years, Akinci argued that the time has come for the Turkish Cypriots to regain their rights as community by establishing a new bi-communal bi-zonal federal structure.

He further noted that the most important opportunity created by the 1974 Turkish peacekeeping mission is bi-zonality and added:

Let us take our position as a modern community among the communities of the world by preserving bi-zonality. We will hold the last meeting of the second round of the intensified negotiations on 14th September and go to New York. We have one and only one target: With good will to secure that the Turkish Cypriot people are able to face to the future as a healthy community, their equality, freedom and security, protecting their real interests”.

Referring to the statements made every day about the Cyprus negotiations, Akinci said that he has answers to give to everyone and that it should not be forgotten that “the people will decide at the very end of the processThere will be sufficient time for the referendum which will be conducted in both communities”, he noted.


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