Bouncers attack rowdy drinkers in bar

Two bouncers appeared in court yesterday charged with assaulting four customers who they had ejected from a bar in Kyrenia.

The four were thrown out for being rowdy but were then attacked and injured by the bouncers. One man ended up with a split lip and broken teeth.

As the two bouncers were entering the courtroom, their friends attempted to prevent journalists from entering and threatened them. They also said that there would be trouble if news of the proceedings was published.

In court they were charged with serious assault and intent to harm. Another three people involved are still being sought.

Police reinforcements were sent to the court hearing to protect the journalists, who later left the court under extensive police security.

The president of the Cyprus Turkish Journalists’ Union, Hussein Guven, said that journalists had been attacked before, while attempting to report and called on the Director General of Police to protect members of the press, saying that it was their duty to do so.

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