Bomb blast at US Embassy in Ankara – two dead

A suicide bomb attack at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, killed one Turkish security guard along with the attacker, Ankara Governor, Aladdin Yüksel said.

A woman, who was visiting the embassy for business reasons, was also injured. She is reported to be in a critical condition and is currently in an intensive care unit.

The explosion occurred at the entrance used by the embassy personnel and their visitors. A security guard at the X-ray machine at the entrance was killed in the explosion as the suspected suicide bomber was passing through the machine.

Bomb experts are at the scene of the blast. Police have taken precautions against the possibility of a second attack. There was no damage reported to the inside of the building.

Apparently, security cameras were not recording at the moment of the blast due to a power outage in the area. It is not clear whether or not the embassy building was the only building experiencing the outage.

Ambulances and fire-fighters have been dispatched to the area.

All U.S. Embassy personnel have been taken to safe rooms in the embassy.

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