Breakdown of negotiations leaves villagers in limbo

The former occupants of Gurpinar (Ayia Marina) village are looking forward to the day that they will be able to return to their village, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen reports. However that day has not arrived yet, despite the fact that all the infrastructure including electricity, water and the construction of roads have been completed.

Residents of the village are waiting for the mosque and the church to work together. The Maronites had to abandon the village after 1974, and the Turkish Cypriots, who had to abandon the village in 1963, are also ready to come together and repair their old properties.

The paper reports that despite the fact that President Mustafa Akinci had encouraged the project, the government has not taken a decision regarding the matter. In addition, a related statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that the issue will be shelved.

The ministry stated that the return of villagers to Gurpinar/Ayia Marina would be discussed in the framework of a comprehensive solution. However, since the breakdown of the negotiations, nobody knows what is going to happen.

Yeni Duzen, Havadis

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