BES on a war footing

BES, the Nicosia Council workers union have stepped up their activities today. Following the news that the Council of Ministers have not produced a solution to the payment problem, strikers have lit bonfires in front of Nicosia Council offices.

Two large rubbish collection trucks were abandoned on the main Nicosia-Famagusta road, causing an accident when a driver, 48 year old Mr Unyal, smashed into the unlit vehicles in the dark and was injured.

21 protesters have been arrested and a number wounded in violent clashes with police.

As the demonstrators marched in Nicosia, littering the streets with rubbish, they passed in front of Niazi restaurant. The owner came out to remonstrate with the strikers for littering the street who responded by entering the restaurant and throwing rubbish around inside the restaurant before continuing their march.

In a separate action, a number of cars and bulldozers have been left locked and abandoned on two approach roads to the Prime Minister’s building. This has effectively blocked passage to traffic. There are now huge traffic jams and police are trying to break into the abandoned vehicles.

News just in: Staff dealing with burial services have joined the strike. All workers in the water department have walked out. Currently no areas of Nicosia are getting water.

All council employees have now left their posts.

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