Coalition Talks Successful

Reliable sources state that a new government coalition has been agreed.

After two weeks of bargaining, the CTP and DP parties appear to have reached an agreement on a new government.

There has yet been no official announcement but it is claimed that the talks have now concluded with an agreement which will be announced later today.

The turning point came when it was agreed that the Ministries of Economy and Tourism were combined into a ‘heavy’ ministry and given to the leader of the DP party, Serdar Denktash.

It seems that the minority DP party will get 4 ministries:

Ministry of Economy and Tourism – Serdar Denktash

Ministry of Public Works and Transportation – Ahmet Kasif

Ministry of Environment and Natural resources – Bengu Sonya

Ministry of Education and Sports – DP member, yet to be announced

Given the above, it appears that the CTP party has maintained its hold on the Finance and Interior Ministries, despite strenuous efforts by the DP party to get at least one of these influential posts.

It is not yet known where the interim Prime Minister Sibel Siber figures in the allocations of ministries within the CTP.

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