CTP win Nicosia Council Elections: Update

CTP candidate Kadri Fellahoglu was a clear winner in the Nicosia elections held earlier today, gaining 34.82% of the votes cast.

The ruling UBP party candidate Hasan Sertoglu, came second with 26.2% of the votes.

Prime Minister Kucuk of the UBP spoke immediately after the results were, saying that as ever, the fight was between the UBP and the CTP. He promised to speak more fully once the city councillor results were in.

In the last local elections, three years ago, turnout was 60% and Mr Kucuk felt that the reduced turnout had hurt his party – UBP.

Now that Fellahoglu has won, he will need to resign as a Member of Parliament, which will leave the 50 seat parliament with UBP 30, CTP 14 (down from 15), TDP 3 and DP2.

The result of the council elections doubtless reflects the months of strife between the UBP dominated Nicosia Council and its workforce who had to struggle with late payments of their salaries and non-payment of their pension and social security contributions by the cash-strapped council.

The streets of Nicosia were littered with refuse for months last year, following strike action until the workers finally received their salaries. There was another series of strikes this year, as again council employees were not paid.


At the end of the voting yesterday, Nicosia now has a new CTP based mayor.

In addition the various councillors have also been elected.

CTP: 6 councillors

UBP: 4 councillors

DP has 3 and the TDP 2 councillors.

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