Gunfight in Lapta Village Leaves Man Dead: Update

Following a report of a shooting incident in Lapta, the latest information is that the incident took place yesterday afternoon at the barber’s shop opposite the Cyprus Sporting Club.

There was a fight involving knives and a firearm which ended with a man being shot and another seriously injured. A TRNC citizen Umut Tas has been charged by Kyrenia police and will appear in court this morning.

The person shot dead is named as Bekir Kuloglu. His son, Hasan Kuloglu was seriously wounded and is now in intensive care.

It is said that this was an honour killing. Witnesses to the incident claim that Hasan Kuloglu was involved with the accused’s mother in law. There were arguments and this escalated into a fight in the barber’s salon. Apparently Mr Tas drew his revolver in panic during the fight and fired it.

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