Tanker leaks fuel oil into sea off Kalecik

A cargo ship carrying fuel oil began leaking last night. Overnight around two tons of oil leaked into the sea and it was only acted upon this morning. Teams are attempting to clean up the oil spill with detergents, however, because of the delay, the spill has spread further.

The ship is owned by the Altinbas Group, owners of the Alpet petrol station franchise in the TRNC.

The authorities have set up a crisis desk which includes the Ministry of Transport, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Coastal Safety Unit.

Kalecik is the largest fuel depot in the TRNC. [lightbox href=”https://lgcnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/north-cyprus-news-oil-spill.png”]Click to view map of the area[/lightbox]

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