Breaking: Tatar issues statement on Tahal

In a new development regarding the Tahal water purification company’s dispute with the government over unpaid bills, the Finance Minister Ersin Tatar has issued a press statement today.

It says that Tahal is in breach of contract and owes the government TL 2.5 million.

It adds that the Prime Minister, The Minister of Agriculture and Tatar will be coordinating efforts to get water to the stricken villages and relieve the crisis.

Apparently, the Water Affairs Authority has set up crisis meetings and is today, starting to send in water tankers.

Lawyers for the authority got in touch with the management of Tahal, yesterday and agreed that if the electrical component is repaired and water supplies secured, that the government will pay its debts. There has been no response from Tahal so far today.

In case this offer is rejected, authority officials are working on a backup plan to pipe in water from Famagusta.

Minister Tatar said that the contract between Tahal and the government specifies the amount of water that they need to supply from the water purification plant. He claims that they have not delivered on their contract and will be subject to a fine of TL 2.5 million.

38 villages and several hotels in the Bafra region have had their water supplies cut off because Tahal water purification plant refuse to fix a broken part until the government pays debts accruing for the past 23 months.

Despite being taken to court by Tahal and protests from the villages, the government has not responded until today.

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