Bribe MP says ‘It was only a joke’

Accused MP Ejder Aslanbaba stormed into parliament on June 23rd and insisted that he had been bribed to support the programme of the interim government.

He was denied the right to make a speech and instead threw dollars and a cd at the parliamentary speaker.

The the programme had been passed with a comfortable majority.

Prime Minister Sibel Siber ordered an investigation into the bribery allegations and for a number of days Mr Aslanbaba was forbidden to leave the TRNC.

During the last few days Mr Aslanbaba has been publicising extracts from his cd which he claims are recordings of the bribery.

Yesterday there was another twist in this dramatic story.

Mr Aslanbaba was at Nicosia high court where he successfully removed any travel restrictions imposed on him. At the high court the attorney general testified that he had listened to and analysed the cd presented by Mr Aslanbaba and that there was no proof of bribery on it.

The MP now claims that no bribery occurred and that he had merely wanted to point out that bribery was rife.

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