Bridge the gap: Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that both communities in Cyprus are close to agreeing on the joint statement which will re-open the Cyprus negotiations.

He stated:

“My special advisor, Alexander Downer, has been meeting the leaders of the two communities to help agree on a joint communiqué which can provide a good basis and parameters for the negotiations”.

The UNSG added that:

“Unfortunately, these negotiations [were] suspended because of a change of government in the Greek Cypriot community of Cyprus. After that, there was an economic crisis”.

Ban went on to say that:

“All this kind of a political and economic situation has not been helpful in resuming the negotiations”, and that both leaders “are very much committed to continue their negotiations, and they agreed to have a joint communiqué before they resume their negotiations”.

The United Nations, through Alexander Downer, has really been coordinating and helping them. I believe that it is very close. They have agreed on most of the areas. [It is] very close. But this bridge should be filled.”

He went on to say that the UN would do their utmost to resume the talks as soon as possible, noting that he was also in communication with guarantor countries – Greece and Turkey.

Ban concluded with:

“I met the Turkish leadership, and I am in constant consultations with leaders.”

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