Bright future ahead for Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus settlement

The Turkish Cypriot people will take their rightful place in a federated Cyprus with their own component state which will be equal to that of the one in south Cyprus, masters of their home and a founding partner,” President Akinci said.

The president was making his address to the Turkish Cypriot people on the eve of Kurban Bayram which began on Monday. He added that when the time comes, the Turkish Cypriots will choose a bright and safe future in a referendum.

We are working in all seriousness to create a united federal state of two component states which will be mutually accepted,” said Akinci noting that Wednesday 14th  September would be that last meeting between two leaders in this round of intensive negotiations after which, they would issue a joint statement, before departing for New York.

All our efforts are geared to reaching an agreement that will be accepted by both communities in a referendum, and towards this end we have made noticeable progress, this is a reality but we are not finished yet.” Akinci said reiterating that with logic and realism he believes that the remaining issues and differences in the negotiations can be resolved.

In the event of a referendum, he said that “without a doubt, plenty of time will be given before it takes place.”

Concluding, Akinci paid his respects to the millions of victims of the war-torn Middle East and in particular Syria, and expressed the hope that the ceasefire would hold and that peace would quickly return to the region.

Cyprus Weekly

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