British Bases must clamp down on bird poaching: Bill Oddie

British wildlife expert Bill Oddie has welcomed a recent call by Prince Charles demanding urgent action to stop the annual slaughter of half a million migrating songbirds in British Sovereign Areas of Cyprus, ‘Famagusta Gazete’ reports.

Speaking on Sunshine Radio in Paphos, Oddie said that even though the British authorities here have pledged to clamp down on trapping and poaching – they must stamp the practice out completely.

“From what I hear it is getting worse as there is so much of planting trees for mist nets runs. It would be a terrific gesture if somehow that could be stopped on the British bases – that would send one hell of a message,” Oddie said.

Earlier this year Prince Charles demanded action to stop the annual ‘barbaric slaughter’ of half a million migrating songbirds in SBA areas.

In May, Dhekelia Sovereign Bases Area Court sentenced a local man to three months in prison, after being found guilty of bird trapping and poaching – it was the first time a custodial sentence had been passed for such a crime.

“As you know these things can be a gesture – a token thing – but then it slips back. The proof will be in the following months,” Oddie added.

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