British couple arrested at border

A couple have been arrested as they crossed the border from North Cyprus into the South in December.

They are wanted in connection with allegations of a £1 million NHS act of fraud.

The ‘Manchester Evening News’ reports that Deborah Hancox, 44 and her companion, John Leigh 53, have been the subject of an international manhunt as they were wanted for questioning in a joint investigation by Greater Manchester Police and the NHS’s anti-fraud unit.

Both were taken into custody under a European Arrest Warrant. An appeal by Crimewatch to find the couple was made by the National Crime Agency in October, last year.

Hancox and Leigh, who have connections with Rochdale, are suspected of being involved in an act that led to the NHS being defrauded out of more than £1 million.

They are expected to appear before magistrates in Manchester after being flown back to Britain by Cypriot police on Monday evening.

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