British Couple Trapped in the North Want to go Home

North Cyprus News - Salamis Bay HotelA British couple who have been made to stay in quarantine at a hotel in Famagusta are concerned about how they will get home.

They are staying at the Salamis Bay Conti Hotel where a number of German tourists, all in the same group were infected with coronavirus.

Linda and Grant Gibson from Kent said that they had enjoyed four days of their holiday but then were obliged stay in their room under quarantine.

Mr Gibson, 65, said: “We had four lovely days before being placed in quarantine and the nightmare began.

The end date is the 24th, although we don’t know if that is the date we will actually be allowed to leave since we have to then be tested, await results and be given an all clear certificate.

We are showing no symptoms and hope to be given a negative result at the end of the quarantine.

However, 18 cases have been reported here, all Germans and all travelling together.

We are confined to our room with food and water served in them. At first we were only served rice with boiled vegetables, but the food has since improved”.

He said that the police were patrolling the grounds to make sure that no one leaves or enters the hotel.

All flights to the UK from South Cyprus will be suspended after 21 March and the borders have been closed.

North Cyprus News - ErcanThe only flights leaving Ercan will be to Turkey and they fear that they will end up being trapped there.

Mr. Gibson added: “We’ve had very limited information, most of which we have had to get for ourselves.

We are in touch with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British High Commission, but again while sympathetic they can only make representations to the Northern Turkish Cyprus Government”.

The couple have also been in touch with their MP Damian Collins, and asked him to speak for them. He now hopes to arrange a military flight home for British people stranded in North Cyprus.

Mr Collins said: “I have taken up this case with the Foreign Office and asked if they would look at organising a flight to get people home from Cyprus, perhaps from the RAF base on the island at Akrotiri.”


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