British Pedestrian Killed In Hit And Run: Updated

North Cyprus News - Traffic Accident SignA 60-year old man was struck by a car while walking on the Girne – Güzelyurt highway at around 8pm on Saturday evening. 

David Shepherd, who was hit by a car, died at the scene of the accident. 

Police reported the name of the car driver as Anthony Edward (73), who, the police say, was driving carelessly. An updated report by Yeniduzen says that the driver of the vehicle had been drinking. Mr Edwards was reported to have fled the scene after he struck pedestrian David Shepherd with his car. 

The report goes on say that Mr Edward drove home and was later contacted by the police at his home and arrested. Tests showed that he had 150mg of alcohol in his blood.

Edwards has appeared in court and has admitted running Mr Shepherd over. He remains in custody for three days, while an autopsy is performed.


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