British Residents to Sue Site Management Company

Cyprus-News-Gaziveren-Aphrodite-Beach-Front-CondosA number of British expats who bought houses on the Aphrodite Beach Front development in Gaziveren, Lefke, have filed a lawsuit against the Joya Cyprus Ltd company.

Joya Cyprus Ltd manages the development. The British residents said that they were constantly being asked for money for maintenance by the company and they did not know where the money was being spent. They added that they have owned the properties for five years but have still not received their title deeds (Koçan).

The residents added that their neighbours’ homes, when they were away, were being rented out to holidaymakers.

The problems they have not only affect themselves, but also many people living on the site, they said.

Cyprus-News-Aphrodite-Beach-Front-Condos-GaziverenWe pay between £80 – 130 in maintenance fees every month. Our electricity is two or three times higher than Kıb-Tek charges. For our water, we pay 7 TL per tonne, although the municipality charges 4 TL. In addition, we have absolutely no opportunity to vote, discuss and consult about the expenses for the site or for any decisions to be taken”, they said.

Scottish couple Jackie Sheekey and Rab Sheekey pointed out that their neighbours living on the site occasionally return to their country and remain there for a long time.

My neighbour had left his key with me to keep an eye on the house, to occasionally air the property. When I went into his home, I found that the bed was used, used towels, used glasses in the bathroom and I was very surprised. My neighbour had not left it this way. They also noticed that some items had disappeared when they returned”, said Jackie Sheekey,

Once, one of our neighbours returned to his country and found people sleeping in his bed when he returned home from the airport in the morning. There are eight of us [taking out the lawsuit]. Some Turkish Cypriot families are also having issues with the management. They did not break into the house, our neighbours did not rent out the house, obviously he [the manager] gave them an office key… ”.

Cyprus-News-Gaziveren-Aphrodite-Beach-Front-Condos-1Site Manager Cihan Erdoğan, referring to the fact that the site has a pool, a gym, is quite well equipped and large, argued that the maintenance fees are written in detail in the contract. “We have an indoor heated swimming pool, a semi-Olympic pool and ornamental pools on a 10 acre site. In the summer, we have a pool guard, with two coast guards and night watchmen. We have six gardeners, three cleaning staff, three technical staff, accountants and many additional expenses. All this is available to read in detail in the maintenance contract. There are about 300 apartments. We are talking about a well-equipped site. The title of 35/2010 condominium law covers these dues. Our site is perhaps the best regarded site in the country. 40 people were given their title deeds last year. As you know, since these people are foreigners, the Council of Ministers needs to give approval, this is not up to us”

British residents Keith and Jennifer Goddard remarked that, “Over eight thousand people like us live in this country. We contribute directly to the country’s economy, our families often come to visit us. We want to live in Cyprus and we love it here, but the lack of system and the fact that we seen as a money machine makes a bad impression for people in our own country”.

Yeni Duzen


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