British TCs say mainland Turks are a major obstacle to peace

The Turkish Cypriot Democracy Association, established in 1972 in London by “progressive, democratic and patriotic” Turkish Cypriots living in Britain, held its 25th general assembly on 21st June in London and discussed the latest developments on the Cyprus problem.

In the decision of the general assembly it is said that the Association “sees as one of the biggest obstacles to  lasting peace in Cyprus, the build up of mainland Turkish population in the north part of Cyprus, as a result of the continuing status quo” in the island.

“The policies of transfer of population which are being implemented in many variations are on the one hand negatively influencing the lasting solution to the Cyprus problem and on the other are eliminating the will of the Turkish Cypriot community by turning it into a minority in its own country”, the decision says adding:

“The sovereign powers, which on the one hand say that ‘we want peace in Cyprus’ and on the other threaten the communal existence of the Turkish Cypriots by imposing on them assimilation policies, and are de facto colonizing 37% of Cyprus’ territory, must understand that they cannot carry out together two understandings, policies in Cyprus which are completely opposite to each other”.

The decision under the title “Peace will be the common gain of the Cypriots” asks for the non-solution in Cyprus to end as soon as possible.

Yeni Duzen

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