BRTK Launches First Stage of Green Energy Project

The Renewable Energy Infrastructure Investment Project, a first among state-owned institutions, was introduced at a reception organised on Friday at the BRT site.

With the environment-friendly project to be completed in three stages, it is aimed to supply 65% ​​of the electricity consumption of the state news organisation using solar energy.

The first stage of the system is complete, and has the capacity to meet almost one third of all BRT’s energy needs.

Director of BRT Aysu Basri Akter, spoke at the publicity reception and explained the importance they give to the solar power plant project and thanked everyone who contributed to the implementation of the project.

North Cyprus News - Aysu Basri Akter - Director of BRT
Director of BRT – Aysu Basri Akter

Akter stated that the first phase of three stages of the project, came into effect on December 21st.

We provide approximately 20 percent of consumption with this first stage project. We expect this to rise to 50 percent with the second phase being activated.

At the first stage of the power plant, 370 solar panels were built on an area of ​​one thousand square metres”, she said.

Akter also pointed out the environmental impact, she said “We also fulfil our responsibility to leave a more habitable environment for future generations. When we have looked at the statistics forthe past four months, and see that we have prevented 36 tons of carbon emissions and saved 900 trees. It just makes us smile”.

Akter hoped that the project would set an example for other institutions.

Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş, who was among a number of officials who attended the reception, said that the renewable project at BRT was the first in the public sector.

Denktaş said that with the completion of the remaining stages of the project, BRT will be able to spend on developing its publishing and infrastructure.

He added that, “We pushed the button for all public institutions to switch to renewable energy”.

The finance minister pointed out that public energy expenditure created the biggest burden on the electricity utility. Within 3-4 years, all such projects will rid state energy supplier Kib-Tek of a huge financial burden.


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