BRTK unable to broadcast to North Cyprus

BRTK is currently unable to transmit programmes in North Cyprus as it now has no electricity supply due to a cut off by KIB-TEK which also disabled its generators.

BRTK owes KIB-TEK 800,000 TL and the chairman of the board Ismet Akim said that he had warned BRTK about the impending power cut. The manager of BRTK, Mete Tumerkan said that they had not received a written warning.

Tumerkan noted that the institution’s financiers are going through the necessary processes to pay the debt, “We are going to take a step as soon as possible,” he said.

He also contradicted rumours that there would be deductions from staff incomes in order to pay the debt, adding that there is a great deal of misinformation circulating. “This is definitely not true. No deductions are being made from incomes of personnel,” he said.

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