Building of New Ercan Terminal Halted

Construction of the new terminal building at Ercan Airport has been suspended.

Ercan Airport was privatised and its management transferred to Turkish company T&T for 25 years. Work on the new terminal was planned to be completed in 2018. However, the serious depreciation of the Turkish lira driving up the cost of building materials such as iron and cement, has prompted T&T to postpone its building work.

The Director at Korman Construction Günay Çerkez, said that the construction of the runway with the apron and the passage was continuing. “Nobody could know that the lira will lose so much value and in such a short period of time”, he said.

Çerkez said that the Contractors’ Association also initiated a consultation with the state authorities in this regard and stated that they also expect to make an agreement on the new unit prices with their employer.

He also said that diesel and electricity prices have not increased due to the election bans, but they are expected to increase by almost 30 percent after the elections.


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