Building Worker Injured After Fall on Site

North Cyprus News - Building Site (2)
[Building Site – File Photo]
A construction worker was injured after he fell* from a height of about three metres while working on a building site in Dörtyol yesterday, Yeniduzen reports.

Al Amın Hossain (36), who was working on concrete levelling lost his balance and fell around three metres. He was taken to Famagusta State Hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis.

The police are investigating the incident.


*Following the death of a building worker in Iskele  who fell from scaffolding 21 metres to his death in August 2022, President of the Association of Occupational Health and Safety Experts (İSG-BİR) Güvenç Yüksel said that construction workers in developing countries are ten times more likely to have industrial accidents, 

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), construction workers in developed countries are at risk of being injured 3-4 times more than workers working in other sectors. [Ed.]


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