Bulk of treated water in Nicosia is wasted

Havadis newspaper reports that when the Haspolat (Mia Milia) water treatment facility was first established 2014, it was agreed by two communities on the island that the South would receive 70% of the reserves. However, since most of the water from the sewage plant still contains high levels of salt; it is unfit for use even in in agriculture. Currently, most of the treated water is flowing into a nearby stream.

The Greek Cypriot community has refused to take any of its share of the water because of the high salt content. Furthermore, to transport the water to the South, there needs to be a new pipeline constructed and measures taken to desalinate the water. However, the Turkish Cypriot community does not have the funds to invest in the project.

Originally, the water plant’s budget of 29 million euro was funded in part by the Sewerage Board of Nicosia (70%) and the EU (30%) under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community.

An official from the Nicosia Turkish Municipality dealing with the water treatment facility indicated however, that a bi-communal project, which is currently under way, could solve the problem. If the project is completed and implemented, the water could be desalinated and become fit for use.

Once this project is finished, 7.7 million tonnes of the water could then be pumped to the South, leaving the North with enough to use for agricultural irrigation.

Cyprus Weekly

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