Burcu denounces Archbishop’s remarks

Presidential spokesman Baris Burcu has described the latest remarks by the Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrisostomos II that he would never accept the notion of rotational presidency as unfortunate.

In a written statement issued today, the president’s spokesman said that the rejectionist camp on the Greek Cypriot side was strongly opposed in principle to a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal settlement on the island.

He added that the Greek Cypriot rejectionists were using every opportunity to poison the political atmosphere.

Stating that the ultimate goal of the rejectionist camp in the South was to achieve a unitary state under the dominance of Greek Cypriots; Burcu said it was clear that they deemed it proper that Turkish Cypriots should retain minority rights.

In fact the bi-zonal, bi-communal federal character of a reunified Cyprus has been one of the most basic principles agreed upon in the negotiations conducted all these years under the auspices of the United Nations”, he said, adding that a settlement could not be possible through such an understanding.

Referring to the latest remarks by the Greek Cypriot Archbishop that there should be no insistence on the system of a rotating presidency for a settlement in Cyprus, Burcu said that the Greek Cypriot Archbishop had once again demonstrated that he was a religious figure who supported the division of the island.

We would like to remind him that a settlement on the island will be reached on the basis of the 11 February 2014 Joint Declaration which clearly emphasises and underlines the political equality of the two sides. That is why a settlement within the framework envisaged by Mr Chrisostomos will never take place”, he said.

Burcu also criticised the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades of frequently touching upon the territory issue during his speeches and naming places or locations in the process.

No names, locations, percentages or maps have been discussed to this day. If the Greek Cypriot side believes it can obtain an advantage by naming places before we start to discuss this issue then it is greatly mistaken”, Burcu added.

Reminding that 12 years had passed since the 2004 Annan Plan referendum, the president’s spokesman said that many changes had taken place in terms of territory during this time period.

We expect Mr Anastasiades to understand that such unnecessary statements that ignore the realities on the island and which are shaped by the demands of the rejectionists will not contribute to a settlement”, he said.


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