Business Investment Will Solve Cyprob: Denktas

Establishing a federation in Cyprus is not possible as long as the international community sees the Greek Cypriot community as a state and the Turkish Cypriot community as a minority, Serdar Denktas, Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), has said. He added that the only formula in Cyprus is the “piece by piece solution”.

Speaking on a television programme, Denktas said, inter alia, the following:

“[…] Something which we have been saying for years was confirmed. What is that? What the Greek Cypriot side understands as a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation does not coincide with our understanding of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation. As long as the whole world sees the Greek Cypriot side as a state and the Turkish side as a minority, establishing a federation, creating equality between these two is not possible. This is not an attainable target anymore, it cannot be used as a basis [for negotiations].

“We say that we must make ourselves accepted. […] First economic steps should be taken. First of all, we must take a step with Turkey. We must be able to launch free trade between ourselves and Turkey. […] The second step is that we must give the opportunity to businessmen from the South to establish businesses in the North. They must come, establish businesses, open offices, establish firms and see that Turkey is an opportunity for them and not a threat. Thus they will start exerting pressure on their leadership. We must move gradually by going forward bit by bit in this way, without needing to negotiate. […]”, Denktas said.

Demokrat Bakis

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