Business Sector Gloomy About 2024

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Despite assurances by Prime Minister Ünal Üstel that “2024 will be better than 2023“, members of the business community interviewed by Yeniduzen were much more gloomy about the prospects for the new year.

Yeniduzen interviewed industrialists, members of the tourism sector, tradesmen and civil servants who pointed to record inflation rates and unfavourable foreign exchange rates which had led to an economic crises in the country.

The head of the Chamber of Industry (KTSO) Ali Kamacıoğlu noted that the economic crisis in Turkey and the world had had an extremely negative impact on industry, and noted that the Chamber was carrying out studies in order to find ways to counter the effects of the economic crisis.

Meanwhile, President of the Hoteliers Association, Dimağ Çağıner, stated that 2023 had not been a good year for tourism and said that 2024 will be no different.  He said that there would be some relief if the cost of airfares were more attractive adding, “We have lost our 4-star hotels”. Çağıner said that the government should develop a policy to address this issue. He noted that there is a need for marketing and models that can support small hotels for more sustainable tourism.

President of the Public Servants Union (KTAMS) Güven Bengihan, pointed out that 2023 is the year when the problems of the workers became worse, their purchasing power declined, the people became impoverished, and the country would be dragged into extinction. He said, “I hope to get rid of the current government in 2024“.

Stating that 2023 was not a good year for the unions, President of the Confederation of Civil Servants (KAMU-SEN) Metin Atan said, “Conditions have been difficult, economically and politically, especially with the efforts of those who govern us“. Adding that his union hoped that 2024 will have better laws, economy and politics.

Atan said, “Unfortunately, with this mentality that governs the country, there is irregularity, theft, corruption, whatever you can think of“.


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