Businessman swims from Turkey to North Cyprus

Intrepid Turkish  businessman and Chairman of Altınbaş, Waqqas Altınbaş swam the Turkish channel between Turkey and North Cyprus arriving in time to celebrate the 20th July Peace Operation’s 40th anniversary, ‘Adabasini’ reports.

Altınbaş (R) set out from Anamur on Turkey’s Antalyan coastline and struck out to cross 86 km of water to Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

Enclosed in a specially constructed steel cage, and supported by sports coach Mert Karabetca, Altınbaş took 40 hours to cross the channel. He was sustained by regular feeds of banana, watermelon and energy drinks.

The Altınbaş Chairman said that his 86 km swim symbolised the short distance between Turkey and North Cyprus and how Turkey did not need to go far to invest in the North.

He was greeted by friends and family and also investors from Turkey. Representing a group of businessmen, the Sea Lions Group President, in his speech, said that they want to invest in Cyprus and would do so in the near future.

The Martyrs’ Families and War Veterans Association President, Ertan Ersan presented the businessman with a plaque and said that Waqqas Altınbaş had made this day significant because of his support for the TRNC.

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