Businessman to Take Legal Action Against Gov’t Decision

A Turkish Cypriot businessman is seek a legal remedy after having his TRNC citizenship revoked by the Council of Ministers last week.

Aras Karabal, who owns a house and jewellery shop in Bellapais arrived from Canada six years ago and settled in North Cyprus. Additionally, his parents, who began visiting the TRNC from 1988 onwards also held TRNC citizenship.

Karabal had renounced his TRNC citizenship in 1993 so that he could return to Canada. He re-applied for TRNC citizenship when he decided to permanently settle in the north and was granted citizenship in November. The businessman insists that no laws have been broken and that he would file a suit with the Supreme Administrative Court to have the decision reversed and would also sue for £700,000 damages.

Last Thursday, Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay announced that 175 out of 2,000 exceptional citizenships granted by the last government would be revoked on the grounds that they were granted illegally.

He noted that to avoid any “inconvenience” to those individuals affected by the decision, a 90-day “special residence permit” is being offered, during which they can apply for a standard work or business permit.

Kibris Son Dakika

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