Cabinet Makes Final Decision on Financial Aid Package

North Cyprus News - Council of Ministers 2018
Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers has decided on the final form of the rule that covers payment to those unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

After the Cabinet meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Ozersay said that 60,000 people would be eligible for the benefit package and a monthly total of 90 million TL would be set up to support it.

Ozersay said that employees whose places of work had been forced to close during the lockdown imposed by the government, would be paid 1,500TL per month. He noted that there are exceptions to closed businesses whose employees will not benefit from the assistance package and some businesses that have remained open whose employees will benefit. He added that 500 TL will be paid to each employee of the companies that remain open.

According to the deputy prime minister, the 1,500 TL payment will also benefit architects, civil engineers, lawyers and accountants, who either work alone or employ a single person. Those who employ more than one person will not be able to benefit themselves, but only their employees, he said. He noted that this criterion will also apply to shopkeepers and clarified that those who employ up to four people will receive the assistance of 1,500 TL both themselves and their employees, while in companies that employ more than four employees only the employees will be able to benefit from the financial support.

He went on to say that media workers and taxi drivers will be able to benefit from the 1,500 TL aid, despite the fact that their workplaces remain open. He also said that casino employees will receive 800 TL per month in aid, provided that their workplaces have settled their debts to the state.

Referring to the situation in the villages of Yeni Erenköy, Dipkarpaz and Yeni Iskele, Ozersay said that tomorrow the Cabinet will look into the matter and decide whether the restrictions on movement should continue.


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