Call for Direct Flights on Human Rights Day

Minister of Tourism – Ünal Üstel

Minister for Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel has called for the unjust embargoes imposed against North Cyprus to be removed on the 71st anniversary of the United Nations declaration of Human Rights.

He also called for the freedom of travel to be implemented and called on the world to take steps so that direct flights can begin to and from North Cyprus.

According to a statement released by the Tourism and Environment Ministry’s press bureau, Minister Üstel issued the call in line with the 10 December Human Rights Day.

He said that freedom of travel is one of the most important human rights and repeated his call for the removal of international isolations and embargoes against North Cyprus.

Minister Üstel underlined the fact that as the government, they will continue to intensify their efforts on every platform regarding this issue.


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