Calling all volunteers to “Step out for Tulips”

Carole and Sue from Tulips/HelpThosewithCancer Association will be launching their “Step out for Tulips” campaign on Thursday 1st September at 9am at GAU running track in Karaoglanoglu.

“Step Out for Tulips” aims to get volunteers to walk 10,000 steps every day during the month of September and will North Cyprus News - Carole - Sue - Tulips Campaignbe seeking lots of sponsorship to raise much needed funds for Tulips! Why not join in and aim to “Step Out for Tulips” too?  All you need do is to pledge to walk 10,000 steps every day for the month of September and get as many people as possible to sponsor you.

So far, Tulips has 17 confirmed Steppers, with 4 maybes…..  And everyone will be there to kick off the Steps for the event.

Sue and Carole have decided to continue raising funds for Tulips as the charity is greatly in need of funding. They also decided that they want to continue to add to the 850,000TL they have already raised.

The launch day is also posted on our events page.

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