Calls for Health Minister to resign

The Health Minister provoked a furious storm of criticism yesterday on remarks he made during a speech.

Ertugrul Hasipoglu, Minister for Health, while making a speech about health matters at a conference of the Medical Association, recalled an anecdote where a former CTP minister had wanted to close down the nightclubs on the island. This minister had likened the clubs to factories lining the road from Nicosia to Guzelyurt. When later Mr Hasipoglu had asked the minister if he had closed down the clubs, the minister had replied, “we have 40 thousand soldiers and 40 thousand students on the island, why should I?”

At these words, several female doctors walked out of the conference. Soon after, the anecdote was spread all over the internet and the storm of criticism began.

Various womens’ organisations have now called on Mr Hasipoglu to apologise and then resign.

Mr Hasipoglu has countered by saying that his anecdote was taken out of context. However, Kudret Ozersay, head of the Toplaniyoruz movement said that the words were shameful and should never have been made public by the minister.

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