Calls made for ‘Plan B’ for North Cyprus

Leader of the Revival Party (YDP) Erhan Arikli has called on Turkey and the TRNC to implement ‘plan B’ after the failure of the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana.

In a written statement, Arikli argued that at the first stage Turkey should specify the new criteria as Turkey’s President Erdogan has indicated and added: “At this point, great weight falls on our president (Akinci). The president and the government should come together immediately with officials from the motherland (Turkey) and they should contribute to the emergence of the Ankara-Lefkoşa criteria regarding the Cyprus issue”.

Arikli further argued that if Akinci cannot undertake this initiative, then the government should start working on this. He noted that according to the Ankara-Lefkoşa criteria, it should be announced to the world that negotiations will be held for a “two-state solution” and that the fencedoff town of Maras will be opened to its former owners under Turkish administration.

He added that his party had presented proposals such as beginning work for constitutional amendments, to change the name of the state to Cyprus Turkish state (KTD) and to adopt a presidential system.

Halkin Sesi

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