Calls to Ban Sales of E-Cigarettes


Turkish researchers have underscored the imperative of curtailing the influx of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, commonly known as e-cigarettes, into Turkey, emphasising that their prohibition extends to imports from abroad and sales within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), BRTK.

Dr. Elif Dağlı, a Paediatric Chest Diseases Specialist and member of the Turkish Thoracic Association, emphasised the escalating peril posed by tobacco use, particularly the surging prevalence of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products among youth and children.

Drawing on her three-decade-long commitment to combating tobacco, Dr. Dağlı highlighted the strides made globally, with Turkey hailed as a trailblazer in tobacco control by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Despite significant reductions in tobacco use, she lamented the burgeoning popularity of electronic cigarettes, especially among the younger demographic, reiterating that their sale is prohibited domestically.

Dr. Dağlı warned of a mounting menace, facilitated by online accessibility and cross-border transactions, stressing that these products pose health risks tantamount to traditional tobacco products, including but not limited to lung cancer, COPD, and cardiovascular diseases.

Recent scientific revelations have underscored the heightened dangers posed by electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products compared to conventional alternatives, Dr. Dağlı elucidated. She cautioned against the deceptive allure of these “new products,” manufactured by erstwhile tobacco companies seeking to circumvent legal strictures. Dr. Dağlı emphasised the disproportionate nicotine content inhaled through these products, particularly alarming when used during critical stages of physical and cognitive development in adolescence.

Highlighting the exponential surge in usage among American adolescents—a 900 percent increase within a year—Dr. Dağlı urged preemptive measures to forestall a similar crisis in Turkey. She advocated for stringent regulations to impede access and thwart the ingress of such products into the country.

Regarding legislative measures, Dr. Dağlı cited a recent British Parliament bill restricting cigarette sales for individuals born after January 1, 2009, lamenting the oversight concerning electronic cigarettes.

Prof. Nurdan Köktürk, President of the Turkish Thoracic Association, echoed concerns, revealing ongoing efforts to evaluate strategies to curb access to electronic cigarettes. Köktürk disclosed engagements with TRNC officials, stressing the urgency of safeguarding future generations from the perils of tobacco products. He urged decisive action to outlaw the sale of electronic cigarettes and heated products in TRNC and reinforce regulatory measures to shield youth from their deleterious effects.

In their collective endeavour to safeguard public health, Dr. Dağlı and Prof. Köktürk underscored the imperative of decisive action to stem the tide of electronic cigarette proliferation and safeguard the well-being of future generations.


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