Cameron offers use of Akrotiri to launch air strikes against ISIL: Updated

British Prime Minister David Cameron has offered France the use of RAF Akrotiri airbase from which to launch air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria following the attacks on Paris on 13th November.

Cameron who was speaking at the Élysée Palace with President François Hollande said: “The United Kingdom will do all in its our power to support our friend and ally France to defeat this evil death cult.”

 “We must also do more to defeat ISIL in their heartlands in Syria and Iraq. Later this week in parliament I will set out our comprehensive strategy for tackling ISIL. I firmly support the action President Hollande has taken to strike ISIL in Syria and it is my firm conviction that Britain should do so too. Of course, that will be a decision for parliament to make.”

Cameron offered practical help to France in its aerial campaign in Syria. “I have offered President Hollande the use of RAF Akrotiri for French aircraft engaged in counter-ISIL operations and additional assistance for air-to-air refuelling,” he said.

Update: British bases in Cyprus said later in the day that though RAF Akrotiri had been offered in support of French operations against ISIL, it would not be used for air strikes.
“The French will not be launching strikes from RAF Akrotiri against ISIL but it could be used if a diversionary runway is required for any reason,” a statement from the SBA said. Cyprus Mail

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