Can Denktas dead

Can Denktash, the grandson of the first President of the TRNC, Rauf Denktash, attempted suicide yesterday at the grave of his father Raif Denktash. He had shot himself with a revolver.

Last night he was in surgery for 6 hours at the Near East Hospital, but passed away at 1.30 am today.

During the surgery, there was an appeal for A Rh(+) blood from the population. There was a massive response to the appeal but despite that, Can (37) died in the intensive care ward.

Can Denktash had a troubled life, often plagued with debts and financial problems. He was separated from his wife but had a strong bond with his seven year old son Raif.

Further details of the tragic events of yesterday are slowly emerging. Yesterday afternoon he called his nephew and asked him to meet him at the cemetary. His nephew went to Nicosia central cemetery and heard a pistol shot. He found Can lying on the ground and called for an ambulance from the Near East Hospital.

During the course of last night, there were many visitors to the hospital; family, friends, politicians and TRNC citizens came to find out about his progress.

The Denkas dynasty has been plagued by tragic deaths. Can’s grandfather, Rauf, who died last January, lost a daughter aged three, one son, Raif (Can’s father) in a traffic accident and another son during surgery.

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