Casinos contribute millions of dollars to TRNC

Casinos in the TRNC contribute 600 million dollars annually to the TRNC economy, Casino Businesses Administrators Union coordinator (CIB) Ayhan Saricicek has said.

Saricicek, answering stiff criticism of the industry at a press conference, said that more interest and legal support is needed so that casinos can continue their development and operations. He also said that there was no vision for an industry that offers so much to the state.

He also stated that there are six thousand people working in the casino industry, which began in 1977 in the TRNC. He added that these people also pay taxes and contribute to social security services, noting that the state receives directly from the casino industry 68 million dollars. Saricicek also said that the TRNC benefited from thousands of people who arrive in the country to play at the casinos, paying air fares, staying at the hotels and spending money.

Referring to the talks for opening a casino in South Cyprus, he stated that this will affect the casino industry in the North in a negative way.

Halkin Sesi

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