Casinos and nightclubs ruin North Cyprus’ image: Tolun

North Cyprus’ image has been damaged by the number of casinos and nightclubs that exist, Turkish Cypriot Tourism and Travel Agency Association leader Orhan Tolun has said.

In an interview with ‘Star Kibris’, he said that there had been a 15% increase in tourist numbers over the past five years because of cheap charter flights.

He went on that in general, only British and German tourists used to visit North Cyprus but now, because of cheap charter flights, tourists numbers from Europe, the Middle East, and Arab countries have increased. North Cyprus’ prestige, however, has declined he maintained.

Tolun noted that for the past seven years, the TRNC government had failed to promote North Cyprus, that there was a lack of advertising and the country has been referred to as the country of nightclubs and casinos.

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