Casinos Want Gambling Laws Relaxed

South Cyprus is pushing ahead with its plans to open casinos.

These were previously banned but desperate financial measures are required and the government is hoping that this will eventually provide a lucrative revenue stream.

In the TRNC, gambling is banned for locals and the Casino Association is now worried that Turkish Cypriots will be going across to the South for their gambling.

Ayhan Saricicek, head of the Casino Association, has asked that the local gambling laws be relaxed for Turkish Cypriots so as to avoid what he calls “a national loss”

Mr Saricicek maintains that the 24 casinos in the TRNC contribute some US$ 600 million a year to the economy.

He is worried that the new casino complex in the South will keep tourists there and also attract Turkish Cypriots.

Earlier this week the National Council of South Cyprus gave the green light to the construction of a massive complex that will include casinos, hotels and shops.

They expect the complex to be complete next year and to attract many Russian and Chinese gamblers.

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