Categories for Visitor Countries Revised

North Cyprus News - Coronavirus - NegativeThe category of countries permitted to enter the TRNC on 1 July has been revised. In the statement made by the Ministry of Health, the countries were divided into three groups – A, B and C and have been updated.

The statement is as follows:

According to the data of the World Health Organization, the category of the passengers who will arrive in TRNC as of July 1, 2020 is listed below.

Accordingly, passengers from countries in group A will have PCR Tests 72 hours before arrival.

Turkey has been relegated to Category B

When the countries in Group B arrive in the country that will have a PCR Test 72 hours before, PCR samples will be taken and they will sign a form agreeing to isolate themselves at their accommodation or place of residence until the test results are available. PCR tests will be conducted at the airport, Girne Port and Metehan border crossing”.

Passengers from Group C will be quarantined in our country and will pay their quarantine fees themselves. Other countries outside the C group will also be quarantined and will pay their fees.”



1. Austria

2. Germany

3. Bulgaria

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Czech Republic

6. Estonia

7. Finland

8. South Korea

9. Croatia

10. Switzerland

11. Iceland

12. Karabakh

13. Latvia

14. Liechtenstein

15. Lithuania

16. Luxembourg

17. Hungary

18. Malta

19. Norway

20. Slovakia

21. Slovenia

22. Greece



1. Australia

2. Belgium

3. United Arab Emirates

4. Denmark

5. France

6. The Netherlands

7. Ireland

8. Israel

9. Spain

10. Japan

11. Canada

12. Lebanon

13. Maldives

14. Portugal

15. Poland

16. Romania

17. Singapore

18. Turkey

19. Jordan


1. America

2. Brazil

3. India

4. UK

5. Italy

6. Sweden

7. Iran

8. Mexico

9. Pakistan

10. Russia

11. Other Countries


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