Celebrate Bayram Only With Immediate Family Doctors Say

Doctors at the Pandemic Hospital in Nicosia have reminded that cases of the coronavirus have risen significantly for the first time, Yeniduzen reported. They called on the public to take precautions during the holiday.

Emphasising the need to avoid contact, the doctors also underlined the need to avoid closed-in environments.

The doctors pointed out that the Delta variant has started to spread and that the holiday celebrations are very critical these days when the hospital’s capacity is getting full.

Stating that much more care should be taken during the holiday, the doctors suggested that the public avoid closed-in environments, and to constantly ventilate indoor environments.

The epidemic in Cyprus is still ongoing, they said, emphasising that the health system is about to be overwhelmed. It was essential to observe the three golden rules (mask-distance-hygiene), especially during the holiday.

Doctors, who said, “Let’s stop working and get vaccinated“, warning that people should only spend holiday time with their immediate families.  

Underlining that even with vaccination, not all risks of infection will be eliminated, they said that it was essential to be mindful of the risks and to get vaccinated. 


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